Its funny that the question didn’t specify earth, so can it be any planet that exists or even  a planet that only exists in my mind?

Or would that be asking a different question all together, such as if I could create a planet what aspect of it would I visit or most appreciate?

Would there be an ifinate amount of libraries to fuel my mind or bakeries to feed my  sweet tooth?

Would it even be a planet or just one huge library like in DR. Who?

Would I be its ruler or just some regular Joe or Jane  getting by on minimum wage?

Would there be free education or would money exist at all?

Its a complicated open ended question that can have many meanings and no one answer would be all together correct.

For me, I think if I had a planet to myself, I could populate it some of my favorite things. I would not like an idyllic utopia, that would get boring after awhile.

I like the world I’m living in well enough, I likely wouldn’t change much, I would just put more bakeries and libraries with no overdue fees.

Without the good and the bad we don’t appreciate either. Its in our human nature to search for conflict.

I wouldn’t want a world to go against that.

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