Fic: Best Served Hot

Rumple/Belle, T (Masterlist here)

What Emma likes about Belle is that though most of the time Belle is sweet and polite and considerate there are some times she just does not give a damn. Like right now, when Emma, Regina, Snow White and Charming have burst into their bedroom on a Saturday afternoon to find Belle and Rumple sprawled out on the bed. The room reeks of sweat and sex and rose soap and expensive cologne and the hint of ozone and weird electricity Emma associates with magic— and whoa, how does that work?

The happy couple are only naked from the waist up, thank goodness, the rest of them tangled up in the sheets, but what’s scandalous isn’t that they both look flushed and glowing and relaxed and smug— good for you, Mr. Gold— but that they don’t seem to care they’re on display. Rumple merely puts his hands behind his head and leans up a bit on the pillows, and the only concession Belle makes to modesty is to huff and turn into Rumple’s side, revealing the long lines of her back and the curve of her hip but concealing the rest of her. Well, most of the rest of her, anyway.

Regina recovers first. “Why, Mr. Gold, what have you been doing?”

“I’ll tell you when you’re older, dearie,” Gold says dreamily.

Snow White has turned into Snow Red, and sputters: “You could have told us you were busy!”

“We don’t have to,” Belle says, her blue eyes flashing in pure hostility. “It’s our house.”

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