Day 1of how ever many I end up writing

I have become aware through my own search that a handbook for someone hoping to create a daily spiritual practice is not available. At least not one that I want to use or need.
So, I am writing one.
One day at a time for the next 52 weeks i will sit down and write it.
Its going to be hard, especially when my computer isn’t exactly in working order. pieces are missing and the letter d is stubborn and unyielding.
I will write down my thoughts of the day, at least 25o of them, creating a daily practice for myself and maybe helping bridge the gap I have found for others.
i don’t like to write, i never have.
When I wake up, there is no specific time, I pray before my altar. i meditate on my breathing for 13 minutes. then I begin my day.
I have a neat little app that helps my keep track and having no set time or number I have meditated and prayed almost religiously for almost 2 months. i have mediated over 4 hrs in that two months.
Lets start with that simple ritual, its not really a morning ritual its a start of day ritual.
if i miss out on a day it bugs my but it isn’t the end of the world.
my ancestors and gods live in this world and know my struggles. they understand and don’t judge.
what more could one ask for, than to be understood by those who came before?
Its not very defined, it doesn’t have too many rules or regulations but they may develop as i go along. Lets jut go on with that in mind, simple is best i think, at this point.


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