Day 2 of however many days maybe 52

I don’t really know when it started but for a while now I have lit two candles and an incense stick each time I sit to meditate and pray each morning.
They really weren’t a conscious choice in the beginning o they really didn’t have meaning behind them originally but now that I do think on them the meaning is pretty clear.
The incense is for the land or nature spirits
the candle in the well is for the ancestors
The large candle scented with lilac is for the shining ones or Gods.
I light them before I begin my prayer.
Setting the stage really and lighting the way for the rest of my day.
I have a book of prayers that I read from each morning, a short two minute prayer that I speak aloud before the next 13 minutes of silence.
I pray to the dawn herself, I pray to the numinous beings that surround us unseen, I pray that the dawns rays guide me and keep all that I hold dear safe until evening comes .
I pray for many things but mostly it runs along that same vein.
Keep me on the path and keep others on their own.
It’s a simple morning routine and I feel I am better for it.


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