Day 3


I’ve just done my meditation for the day. I lit my candles with more intent at least consciously. The shining ones got the bigger candle. The ancestors got the blue candle in the well and the nature spirits and spirits of the land got the incense they could smell on the wind. I thought about what I wanted to write and my personal nature spirit, my cat Pi, came in to say hello.
He needed his daily dose of me and water.
I can relate to that need because I am filling a spiritual version of that right now. I am filling up my well of energy for my soul for the day with my prayers and meditations on what the day will bring.
Over the last two months I have fulfilled a wanting that has been in my life perpetually and with that filling I have found other areas that are as empty and it is frustrating to some degree. I was content with my job but now I find that I deserve and want more than they are willing to give me so I must move on. I have noticed the duplicity and the negativity in my current home and wish to correct the imbalance. Finding balance in one area has made it more obvious the other areas of imbalance. I have found the source of water but I am still looking for the way to bring it into other parts of my life. Metaphorically speaking I have found the well with its ladle but have to find my bucket to bring the water home.
Either that or I have to build one from scratch.


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