Day 4

I was really jittery during meditation today. Usually I have to fight to stay awake, not really but it was funny that I didn’t want to sit still. I changed my hand position and that seemed to help. I read somewhere that holding your hands facing upward on your knees help you keep awake wile you were meditating tired and holding your hands facing the ground helped ground excess energy into the ground. I was jittery with energy so I did this, it helped an I complete my meditation without too many problems.
It’s amazing what can change with simple actions. It can b the placement of my hands or the words that com out of my mouth. Little things make big changes even if you are not aware of them at the time. Making those small changes is really important even if we cannot see immediate change. That is one thing I think people have lost in this generation, the patience to wait for the outcome. I also think we have lost empathy for out fellow man but thats a different kettle of fish entirely.
We are raised to believe that we can achieve great things but are not told that even being a small wheel can be important and vital. If he wasn’t made to understand that any work, big or small, is important to the whole he might have a mental breakdown.


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