Day 5

I was jittery again today. i woke up a little late after my dad called to remind me to call my grandmother. she’s in the hospital after breaking her hip. i have to work later and i as tempted to skip today with the writing but decide it was too early to make skipping a habit. maybe when i have more writing under my belt i’ll skip a day or two. i m always prone to skipping out on a new habit when it becomes hard. i think most people are but its always a struggle for me especially. i really am having a hard time keeping up with this workbook but i’ll keep trying. Thats what this entry is about really, doing what needs to be done even when its hard.
Starting small in things like meditation or writing a blog are stepping stones to creating habits of perseverance that last through the hard times .The small steps are important, begin small now and you will be ready for the big things later on.
The hard time would come when you move and don’t have a set up place to do your meditations. They could come when you get up too late to do the full routine.
Improvise using these times see what works. Like I have said before my ancestors lived this life, if the prayer is short but heartfelt because you are late for work they will understand . Don’t get stuck in the routine, life goes on and changes happen, change with them and grow.


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