Day 6

My meditation went well, at the end I was a little jittery but other than that it went well.
I’m feeling pretty goo about praying in the morning, I pray for many people but mostly the wellbeing of those closest to me. I may pray for the world later on but the people in my world are what matter right now. We’re so spread out right now I like to keep them close in my thoughts at least.
One day I might actually wake up before noon. Someday. Not today though. I had a bad day at work, I nearly had a panic attack. I really need to get a better job.
I’m feeling pretty good about my morning routine.
I’m surrounded by so much negativity right now its nice to at least start the ay on a positive note. Thats what my meditation and prayer is for me, that not I want my day to start out on. If it goes downhill from their at least it started out as well as I could make it. I only have control over my actions and reactions. So I start out my day the best that I can.


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