Day 7

I was a little bit rushed today, I on;t ha 45 minutes to get ready fro work so I had to squeeze a 15 minute meditation in.
I changed up my routine a bit. I spent 10 minutes counting my inbreathes, in cycles of 10 and doing a short prayer before hand. It was’t as satisfying because I didn’t plan ahead a bit and spend time on it rather that rushing. I also in’t have my app so I was a little bit worried about time. I really nee a timer to really let go and meditate. i don’t nee d a whole lot of structure but eh little that
I do need, when I don;t can be devastating to my routine.At minimum I need a timer to get a satiating experience.
While dissatisfying on some level I was able to learn a valuable lesson from this ‘failure’. Finding out your limits is just as important succeeding with your goals. Recognizing where your weak can tell you where you need to improve.You can also learn from your mistakes so that when you are in the same position you can try something new to maybe succeed the second time around or do better than you expected.


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