Day 8

imageI woke up around six today to move my car and then did my meditation , fully intending to start my day. It was a good meditation but as I lay back on my bed to think of my plans for the day I fell back asleep and did not wake till 1230.

It’s frustrating to think I wasted half my day but really I wan’t too surprised. The night before I had gotten off work late and I did not get to bed until after one o’clock . 5 hrs didn’t cut it and meditation only helped so much.
I know this sounds silly but its been said that meditation can replace sleep but I really can’t see that happening at least to a beginner.

Maybe the yogis on the mountaintop cannot sleep for days while they meditate but for us lowly mortals down in the valley I can’t say I find that appealing.
Maybe thats why all the answers the yogis give to us are in riddles?

Their brains are so addled by lack of sleep that they only speak in a kind of code that other yogis might (or might not) understand.
So, what I learned today was that I don’t get enough sleep and need more. Thats not really a big shocker really…to most of you…lol.


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