Day 9

Day 9
I woke up at nine today for my daily ritual, I wasn’t exactly jittery but I wasn’t calm either. I was tired and took an hour nap afterward. I made my prayers to the dawn and to the spirits that live in the home, the boundary keepers and the spirit of the hearth. Home was on my mind and has been for some time. Where I’m living isn’t my ideal and is only temporary place. I am looking for a place to stay the I’ll find joy in but thats hard to come by especially on my budget.
The next place I will live will have a completely feel than here in the city, I don’t like living completely surrounded by freeways and airports. I would be happy living in a tent right now, if I could live there without sacrificing hygiene and access to wifi. I admit I am a little spoiled but I really haven’t thought of what I truly want in a home in a serious fashion for some time, if at all. My thoughts and reams were always in the way, I had to pack them away to take care of my mother or get my schoolwork done or any number of things.
Living in safety where we can unpack the dreams we hold safe in our hearts is as important as the dreams themselves. Taking time for me and my spirit seems like a good first step towards unpacking those dreams in full.


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