Day 11

The first week is drawing to a close and this morning I was a little late in awakening because I as up till 3 last night doing silly stuff. I really need to cut that out. I was a little rushed even though I really had nothing to o today after I picked my dad up from the airport. I recognized that I really do need to meditate before I do something stressful, picking my dad up is stressful. I don’t like driving with him because he is a backseat driver in the worst way and it makes me nervous. I don’t care for direction unless I ask for it.
He’s sitting beside me as I write this and I am kinda glad he can’t hear what I am typing about him. I missed fathers day so I should really get him something while he is here.
He has done so much for me over the years that I really find it hard to say no when he asks.
I feel obligated but I also feel resentment, he raised us to be semi dependent on him then ran away when we needed him most.
When you make obligations to the ones you love you need to either keep them or have a good explanation. Even if the explanation is bad, acknowledging what you did wrong is the key. Take responsibility for what you do and what you create. Don’t just abandon them when times get hard.


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