I don’t know what it is about Milah but I love her. Of course I despise the fact she left her son, which is horrible, but that’s it. Who could blame her for leaving Rumple? He wasn’t willing to fight for her, who would want a husband like that? If I was her, I would leave Rumple but not my son. I don’t know how custody works but I wouldn’t NOT let him see his son. Also, she seemed like a lovely woman before he went off to the ogre wars. She warned him not to go.”

Yeah, verbal abuse and child abandonment is awesome! Faking rape and kidnap is so edgy! *vomits in mouth*

Dear GOD…what is all these freaking pro-Milah posts lately? She was a horrible abuser. She left her young son home ALONE while she went off to the bar to cavort with pirates. She was a coward (YES…SHE was the coward) and just an all around horrible human being.

And yeah, the crippled guy who can barely get around with a walking staff really should have picked up that sword and been killed for her. That would have been AWESOME.

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