Day 13


I skipped a day of writing yesterday. It was a full day so I can’t really blame myself. I did meditate when I could though so at least I kept that up. That it’s the important habit really.
Yesterday really was a doozy, I first visited my grandmother in the hospital early in the morning and then I immediately had to go to work till 11pm. I also had to deal with two extremely bitchy guests that nearly had me and my manager in tears. It was a hard day to stay positive but I got through it. My manager had to write a note for her manager explaining what happened, I hope we don’t get in trouble.
I find it ironic that immediately after I make the resolve to be positive this kind of day appears on the roster. I am not surprised but it is ironic. That is where the challenge comes in, its easy to be bubbly while times are good but when things don’t go well, its hard to stay on the bright side.
I really find it annoying when I meet true ‘fluffy bunny’ people. People who don’t acknowledge the reality and always look at the bright side alone.
It’s a misbalance in attitude that annoys me.
It’s belittling to the reality in a way and should be avoided.
We all have our bad days and being positive doesn’t mean we ignore the bad. It means acknowledging that sometimes things go wrong but that there are still good things that happen. We need to take joy in these things.


btw all these pictures i use here are ones i’ve taken personally. 😀


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