Day 14


The end on the first two weeks, a milestone. I was tired during my meditation, I had slept 3 hrs so that wasn’t a surprise.
I went back to bed after I was done.
It’s a normal day. Not much to take note of.
I had to feed my cat, I ate my lucky charms.
It’s a routine kind of day.
Some days, most days, are like that. Its good to have days where nothing happens and you can just relax. Alway being in tension ever day is not only unhealthy it’s draining.
Take advantage of these days. Meditate an extra few minutes, sleep in, watch a movie with a loved one.
Soon enough the days will come where you’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off, enjoy the days between, you will miss them. I miss having them occasionally. Take a stab at loving the chaos but also loving the peace and routine. They are both a part of life and need to be savored.
Don’t be a ‘fluffy bunny,’ acknowledge that there are bad days that come with the good. They don’t all have a purpose and sometimes you don’t have control. What you can control are you reactions to the chaos. These reactions are what matter, they build you up or tear you down. It’s not the events themselves, it’s your actions while in the situation that shape you as a person. Be aware.


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