Day 15


Day 15
Another week has begun.
I did my meditation a little differently today, I concentrated just on my breath for the majority, keeping my thoughts away from my worries as best as I could. They were in my thoughts but s soon as i realized, i gently went back to my breath. thoughts aren’t the bad guy here but the just aren’t what I am concentrating on right now. kind of like when you’re working on a project and you need to follow certain steps, right now I am focusing on step one for my day, my worries are step 2 or 3. they have their place just not right now.
I sent my resume out and I hope to hear back in the next couple days. I’m a little nervous but really hoping to get this job so I can quit my current one. I’m moving in with my other sister in less than a month, and if this job goes well I might be able to start paying my other sister back for all the trouble i’ve been these last few months.
I owe them over 1000 dollars for rent and should be able to pa them back in three months tops, 300 a month will pay most of it.
Then I can start paying my credit card bills and my hospital bills from six months ago.
Then I can start saving up to maybe pay for my own apartment, cross your fingers?

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