Day 16

Second day of the secons week. I’m all smiles but very tired. I had to move my car again after only 3 hrs of sleep and I had a couple glasses of wine last night with my sister. I had a good time. It was nice venting about what was going on to someone.
I have the day off and don’t have any plans. I might go to the music concert out at the park tonight after I drop my niece off at her friends but before that I am drawing a blank. What do you do with a sixteen year old that doesn’t cost money?
When she gets up we might walk over to wendy’s and get an ice cream but those are the extent of my plans.
I could get my scrapbooking stuff together and make cards…that could be fun.
I meditated today but I was distracted…my cat was yowling at me and I couldn’t concentrate. It was somewhat frustrating.
I’m getting a little bored with the prewritten prayers, they were great to get me started but maybe now I can start thinking about creating my own. I have a couple invocations I could use to start with.My patroness is mother bear but she really isn’t a morning riser but if I need her she’ll come though.


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