Day 18

I got up about 8 today but slept in till 11.
Today is payday so I’ll actually have money in my account. Not for long but its still good enough for now.
My meditation as a little drowsy, I was tired even after having more than eight hrs of sleep, its funny the more sleep I get the more tired I become.
I actually conducted my own prayers without the book, giving my prayer to the hearth goddess, Vesta, and the kindreds as well.
It seemed to me that my words were more heartfelt than just reading them out of a book, I received inspiration through the book but the words and intent were my own. I wanted the goddess to keep chaos and darkness from my home and the people living in my home. I Acknowledged the kindreds in my daily life. I actually felt more connected to my prayers because of it.
I have invocations I have written that I am going to include in my daily rites, my patron would appreciate being acknowledged apart from the general kind. I have also written an invocation to The Morrigan as well, but am hesitant to use it. I know she is many peoples patroness but inviting her into my life right now seems frightening. On the other hand she has really been knocking at my door for some time and I think acknowledging that in some small way would be respectful. What do you think?


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