Day 20

I had a weird day today, i got up about an hour before i had to work so i didn’t really have time for
My meditation. I felt kinda off all day because of it. it was like I hadn’t started my day and continue in my day felt very strange. i was kinda lethargic all day today but i did eventually meditate and pray in the afternoon. it wasn’t very satisfying though, i couldn’t concentrate and my cat kept interrupting. he sat in my lay eventually but i still couldn’t really sit down and concentrate. i eventually gave up and ended early. it was frustrating. I probably should find some way to liven my meditation up or something . It was really weird.
I’ll try again tomorrow, maybe i’ll find a mantra to use instead of the usual silence with my breathing. Find a few songs to meditate to. 5 songs 3 min each should do it.
Breaking my routine was really weird, I have to say after almost three months of doing the same routine it as a jolt to do something different. Maybe I can incorporate movement into my practice, a walking mediation is alway nice in the morning. Doing yoga in the morning could also break up the monotony.
Wordless songs are best but songs with lyrics can be good for meditation if they are not to distracting. I went to a meditation group recently that incorporated music into the practice and it seemed to work, also helping keep the time.


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