Day 21

Last day of the third week?
Another milestone.
I fell asleep again today, waking up again to do my meditation, I can’t blame myself too much because I did on;y et to sleep around one in the morning last night.
It was a little better today, I switched the relaxation technique making it the first rather than the last. I went deeper than I expected. Then my foot went numb during the last few minutes and I had to move it.
Not bad.
It was definitely better than yesterday.
I was still frustrated that I had to move but I think I can shane that with a simple change in positioning. I’ll have to experiment wit a few different postures, see which fit s best.
My cat came to sit with me, he sat in my lap and it actually helped my posture bit. Its funny, sometimes haven my cat is a distraction during meditation but sometimes its almost a boon to have him around.
It really depends on his mood or if I fed him that morning or not.
I as looking for my invocations but could only find the one I have for The Morrigan.
I have to look through my journals to see if I have a copy saved or not of my invocation to Mother Bear, It was a good one that I want to use in my prayers in the future.


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