Day 22

First day of the fourth week, i’ve been writing these little blurbs for month now. Or will be at the end of this week.
i mixed up my meditation a bit today, i turned my phones timer on nd then had a chakra tuner running in the background for my root chakra. i think this week I am pin to go through my chakras,one for every day this week. i first went through my relaxation script and them spent the rest of the time tuning my root chakra. i imagined it was like a pinwheel and my out breathes were spinning it around. it was a good meditation, i went really deep and i felt a real difference in how grounded i was after my meditation and how i felt while i was meditating.
The chakra are important power centers that reside along our spines but most of the literature I’ve read on them is very abstract and hard of me to grasp. pinwheels are a item i see every day and i’m very familiar with how they work. imagining my out breaths blowing my chakra pinwheel around was very easy and super effective.
The concept that the chakras are wheels is based on the word chakra itself, which means spinning wheel. i took this abstract concept and made it more concrete by finding something i was familiar with that i could relate to the concept found in the literature. Chakra equals Wheel equals pinwheel, simple isn’t it?

did i mention all these photos are mine? 😀


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