Day 26

I had trouble with my internet connection yesterday so I wasn’t able to post anything. It was frustrating. I did my usual meditation but during the last minutes I went through my chakras, from may root to my head, spinning the pinwheels and movie the stagnant energy there.

I really felt the difference afterward but even throughout the meditation I felt the every move through me and I could feel where it was blocked. I felt a major blockage in my throat chakra, which I can understand. I deal with a lot of issues concerning the truth and speaking it. I can twist words like the best lawyer and I honed that talent through a tough childhood. 

It wasn’t as physically rough as some but it really skewed my ability to see and process what was going on around me, I had to discount what I was seeing, in order to survive. 

It’s a blockage that hasn’t been cleared but I am working on it.

I also felt  smaller blockage in my sacral and solar plexus, my sexual expression and self power chakras respectively. 

I have many experiences in these areas that have caused the blocks, I understand on some level why they are their but I really am not comfortable expressing what they are specifically. 

They all stem from my childhood but it was interesting that during the meditation I could feel where I was blocked and it connected with what I already know.


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