Day one….again!

Prompt: use your 500 words to write about work.

I can sum up my job in about one word, retail. most people will understand what that means. but to those of you who do not, those lucky or not so lucky few, it means that  i am disrespected and put down all day by about 90 plus people everyday and i have no choice but to sit there and take it for a measly paycheck that barely covers my living expenses.

Its like being held in place while you are physically beaten over and over for hours before being let go at the end of the day to just come back for more the next day.

The worst is when they expect you to do what they want with a smile even  the fact that you could lose your job doesn’t keep them from getting angry at you. 

There are perks to my job, I do get a twenty percent discount but it really doesn’t change the fact that it sucks. I also work with some good people but there are some asshats too. 

Its not all bad people either, I have met a few people that I kinda look forward to seeing but they don’t keep me there or at least they don’t keep me there permanently.

when I find a better place to work I will leave, with no regrets or looking back with want. I’ll still shop at the store to see the friendly faces but that will be it. I’ll leave on my own terms.

The verbal abuse is sometimes minimal but still the day is still grueling even when I have pleased customers. I have to multitask like there is no one else up there, answering phones, speaking to guests, ringing up different guests and talking to people on staff over the radio and in person. thats a normal day. its hard being under appreciated all day by everyone i serve. I want to kill half the people coming in, especially when they have children, I usually love kids but it seems that they have no idea how to act in a store. i mean, hiding pins and needles in the yarn for me to find later, and other more unsavory things, is not what I expect when someone comes to a store.

You are a guest in my store so why can’t i ask you to leave?

I can ask but when one of my managers comes up will they side with me or the customer? I’m not sure and that is sad as well.

On another note, it’s atrocious how retail workers are treated like second class citizens. I think everyone should spend a year in retail just to learn humility.

who is with me?


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