Day 2

prompt: what is your goal for the month?

As I stated in my last post my reason for writing is very personal. My goal this month is to build a writing habit that I can stick to even when I don’t have my computer or phone with me. I don’t travel much but I would like to I would like to be adventurous enough to step out my door and find the world around to be beautiful.
I am rather boring, I don’t do much but I do have thoughts that fascinate me. I would like to explore that this month. I might not leave town or go on physical adventures but getting my thoughts written down will my a big step for me.
I want to get out of this funk that I’’m in, write about things happening in the news that make you think and maybe get you doing something.
I want to make people happy but I have to start small, making myself happy in my own skin is what my ultimate goal is for my writing.
forcing down the critics in my own head is my first goal, keeping with the schedule of writing 500 words a day that will be a full time job this month, maybe next month I’ll get past that but lets start simple shall we?
I am going to be my main topic this month, and that may sound selfish. In the long run you can think what you want of my choice but I really need to think about what I want and not muffle my desires in favor of what other people expect.
I love to help people but I have found that while it is satisfying in its own way, living for other people takes so much but gives so little back.
I need to find balance.
I am part of the problem but I have taken the first step.
I have a plan, a tentative one I will admit but a plan is better than none.
The theme for this month is me, I am doing prompts from another website but the theme or view I will answer these will be as they relate to me and my goal for the month.
My goal is to get comfortable talking about me, my life and its challenges as well as its golden moments.
yes, my life has golden moments….it really does!
I just need to look for them.
That is truly my goal this month…to find my golden moments and keep them in mnd for when life isn’t so golden.
Like I said, its going to be tough but so am I.
Thats my goal, to find my center, to find my steel, my spine and heart. The reason why I continue on this path. The reason I exist, my purpose. Thats what I am looking for, and this month is just the first step into the unknow mists. Its terrifying but exilerating at the same time.


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