Day 4: Set your intentions

I actually don’t usually have ‘plans’ for my days. I just let them happen or wake up late do nothing before going to work.
I’m pretty lazy about my days.
I think this stems from the fact that I never had to plan my days or I was always at my mothers beck and call so I couldn’t’ make plans for so many years that the habit developed that I just didn’t to prevent disappointment.

My tentative plans for tomorrow:
Wake up before noon.
feed the cat
clean the litterbox
Make my bed and tidy my room.
clean the bathroom
Tidy the living room a bit maybe mop the floor
take out the trash
take the cans down to the recycling place for money.
clean my car.
go down and get an oil change
Go down to verizon to check my bill
Go to work at three
Meditate during my break
meditate during my lunch break
be nice and social all day with customers
go home at eleven
Write 500 words
cuddle with my cat
Feed cat again
sleep before midnight

Thats pretty much the extent of my plans, very flexible and open ended. I might take my camera to the park as well tomorrow before I go to work.
My dad is in town so I may throw out my plans and have lunch or something with him before work. I really don’t have a great social life. its pretty much get up go to work then come home and play on the computer.
Its kind of depressing how empty my social calendar is right now or ever was, I go out and be social 2 or three times a year but nothing really beyond that. even them I really am just running volunteering to help people have a good time at the conventions I go to. I need to get out more but I am really quite content with the interactions I have now. I don’t have many friends that call me everyday but when I do need someone I know they are going to be there for me. This list really represents what my goals are for this week really, I never get all the things written down done everyday but if I do all of them in a week I’m usually pretty okay with it.
Except for the ones that involve my cat, feeding and cleaning up after my cat are things that he won’t let me forget. Its kind of funny really how my cat probably eats better and lives more comfortable than I do.
seventy more words to write about what I want to do tomorrow and I can’t find them. Its probably something to work on as well, writing or planning my days ahead of time and sticking to them. Planning is the easy part, Actually sitting down or standing up and doing what your writing is probably the hardest part, the next thing on my list of things to do…“le sigh”.


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