Prompt:seek to understand

I don’t think I properly understood this prompt.
It speaks about accepting people for where they’re at but doesn’t really put a real question to respond to.
Accepting others is different than being a welcome mat or just letting others walk all over you. Having boundaries and limits is not being unaccepting.
Its being accepting of everyone, including yourself.
You don’t have to agree with everyone but you do have to accept the fact that they are living their life and you have no say in how they live it unless they choose to listen to your opinion.
You have that same power in your own life choices.
You don’t have to smile and nod with everyone else.
you can say “No.”
You can refute their belief as right.
Just as they can with your beliefs, its a double edged sword.
or street, whichever way you want to see it.
We as people need to give the same courtesy we want from others.
But first we need to give ourselves that same courtesy.
We have the right to change our own views as well, we are not just stuck with what we believed in high school or childhood.
look first to what’s inside and then look for it outside.
Its not really about being right, its about understanding ourselves and others.
Once we find understanding in ourselves then we can look for it in others.
we need to understand our own motivations before we can even dream of understanding anyone elses.
In fact, we may never understand ourselves completely, and that is okay.
We need to be always looking for new parts of ourselves to discover, be constantly fascinated by the world within but at the same time we should be able to find that same fascination in the outside world.
Its a constant journey of discovery. We never will reach the pinnacle of understanding. We will never see the correct version of ourselves or other and we need to be okay with that.
Every person is a reflection of you, or what you see i that person is a reflection of what you see in yourself.
If you only see the positive in yourself, that’s always what you will see in the people around you.
that isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing.
People need to be learning to understand constantly, not for the feeling of being right for a moment but joy of watching the river of life flow past and seeing your reflections in its constant movement.
You never enter the same river twice, I get this from Disney’s Pocahontas.
I’m not making alot of sense but I think my bottom line is that we need to stop being so binary, thinking in terms of us and them.
We need to see the whole picture, the good and the bad. We need to realize and accept it , like that impossible puzzle that has no defined edge but fits beautifully together piece by piece.


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