day 7-write a letter to your younger self


Dear self of a few years ago,
I won’t lie to you, the next few years after highschool are going too be hard. you will get through it but you won’t be the same at teh end of it. Its still okay.
save money would be the biggest thing at least materially that I could tell you. Stick to your guns about it because there are going to be tempatations and expenses galore in the coming years and you won’t always have the parenst to fall back on or even the house to go back to.
Take a week for yourself and go to the cabin. Do this every few months. It’ll be good to get out and you’ll learn something.
Treasure the time you have with mom. I know she’s a pain in the ass but you love her and she doesn’t have much time left and you know it.
Fight for thanksgiving…please.
Get your teeth fixed while your on dad’s insurance.
Get Glasses every year.
Build friendships and put in the work to keep them. They are not all out to take advantage of you. Be wary though and don’t just fall into bed with anyone that gives you a second glance. You’re Worth so much more than that.
Keep yourself open, despite that heartache. Its worth it.
Your sister is speaking a different language,tell her so.
Your never going to have a good relationship with her, its sad but true. take what you can.
Volunteer and be involved in your community.
I know your antisocial, just do some volunteering at the library. I’ll be fun. really!
there are so many things I could tell you to do, so many ways I could try to help improve your life, even if it didn’t effect mine as well, timelines are funny things.
The most important is that you need to find things that truly make you happy, not things that make you numb but things that you don’t have to spend money on but love anyway and will cherish for years to come.
Have a good time and see you when you get here.

PS look up Ashtore, its what you are to me. 🙂

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