day 8: lay out a plan for a project

I really don’t have any major plans for my riting
even getting started was a struggle.
writing every day for a month is my goal for me, finding a goal for the writing could be a project in and of itself.
So, first get into the habit of writing, then find a way to incorporate my other life goal.
I want to help other people, bring people who are miserable a sense of comfort.
Maybe I can give them that with my writing.
I want too tell my story, so others can identify with it and find solace in the fact they are not alone.
first find my story, then tell it to an audience.
I could start chronologically but that would be hard with my memory the way it is for dates and time.
there is actually a book that could fit as a template I read it for class on year. the memoir forr this fictional person was told not in order of occurrence but in the random jumble that most minds put memories, they follow a thread the connection only seen when at the end or near the middle.
writing for this prompt is only the first steps, finding my voice in writing.
then I need to find my story.
then I need to put it together.
It very vague but it tells the premise of my writing in a way.
I want to tell what I love andlost but first I need to remember them.
It might end up as a vaugue collection of memories but thats really the point.
they are collected and kept rather than forgotten and spread to the winds like sand in an hourglass.
I have spent most of my life head in the sand, looking for way to hide from my problems. I think it is hight time I stopped and took a look at what they actually are.
Maybe if I did that I could help others do the same or just find the courage to think about it.
Its a very vaugue concept at this point and I really don’t have a step by step process.
The next prompt might take me in a new direction but I will simmer this idea on the back burner.
Maybe I’ll make some money with this idea but thats not my main goal.
Money would be nice but really getting my story, my soul, out there to help others is my purpose here. It always has been.


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