Day 9: tell your story but start from the end

Here lies Lauren Hilary Driver
Known for sticking her neck out, getting in trouble but living to write about it while taking pictures.
She was a journalist but a humanitarian at heart, always searching for the truth behind the curtain.
She passed surrounded by the people who she touched with her work.
she retired at 80 from her career as an edtor for a fair and unbiased news journal.
Lauren was well loved and her work will continue too inspire others to follow in her footsteps for decadees to come.
At 70 when most people were relaxing into the golden years of retirement, Lauren was taking on assignments tht challenged the status quo and forced people to really think about what they were doing in the world around them.
At 60 she still had a love of living that would inspire even the grinch himself. Every day was a new beginning, a new story to be found and a page to be printed.
At fifty Lauren had traveled around the globe and spoken with integrity to anyone who would listen, no matter how small the issue she would bring to the attention of the public and find answers for the questions not asked.
At 40 she was in love with her life, but needed to help others to find thier own voices. She became a teacher in a sense when she started her own news station, that didn’t sensationalize the things happening to sell news but told the facts and nothing but the facts from both sides of the topic.
At 30 she was obsessed with being fair, always made sure she was in the flow of what was going on, and letting her voice tell the story of the girl she had been and the woman she was becoming.
At 26 Lauren’s world came crashing down aound her, her mother died that year, she lost the only stability she ever knew. She had to rebuild from the ground up.
At twenty she was stuck in the role of caretaker. her mother was ill and she had to take care of her, despite the fact that she wass in college and wanted to break away from her old family ties. She loved her mother and so she stayed home putting her dreams of independence on hold. She slipped into a miasma of depression and resentment.
At 15 she was oblivious to her mothers manipulations. she didn’t see how isolated she was being kept. She was a cinderella, but no fairy godmother came to her rescue.
At 10 Lauren was contemplating suicide. She was bullied at school mercilessly while her parents remained oblivious. She had glasses she hated and lost or broke liberally. hoping to lose some of the stigma and hatred that her peers heaped on her daily. She made it through just barely.
She was born into a unhappy home, the last of three daughters where only sons were wanted and longed for. She was a quet baby, ignored because she was good, fearfully waiting the day they would remember her name.Lauren Hilary Driver. Crown of joy and laughter


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