day 10

Day 10: your favorite childhood memory
It being around christmas always reminds me of the winters my family would spend up in Truckee.
One in particular stands out partially because its the one and only time I can recall that the WHOLE family was there together in one spot.
I was very young, about four, excited to see the cousins and the snow.
We had arrived late at night or early in the morning to find tht the driveway was packed with snow about 4-5 feet deep. All I knew was that it was taller than me and cold.
My dad got out of the truck, an old f150 that I have many fond memories bonking my head on the windows when we took a sudden turn or stop. He was gone awhile maybe an hour, my uncle and my sisters boyfriend went with him. I don’t really remember that part but what I do remember is when they came back, my dad picked me up and carrried me into the house.
through tunnels of ice and snow that they had dug for us to the front door.
I was surrounded by ice worn smooth by the shovels, the sides packed tight to keep it stable. the moonlight glimmered through the ice but it was still dark and cool.
I was wrapped in blankets and held against my dad’t chest, warm but surrounded by ice and cold.
I felt like I was a summer princess visiting the land of ice and snow for the first time, like Lucy seeing Narnia Covered in blankets of snow.
I have always treasured the times when my dad, the tallest man I knew at the time, would pick me up. I was safe in his arms warm and the tunnels of snow were beautiful. they shimmered in the moonlight and I couldn’t help but believe that we were traveling to a new world, or passing through fairyland. it was so still and quiet.
it only was a short trip but I still remember how glorious it was to be inside in the warm cabin, surrounded by family.
Christmas that year was especially fantastic.
I will never forget.
I talked about it during the last year with my dad and he says that the is wasn’t even 3 feet tall and it was hard work but I still remember the tunnels, heading down into the unknown feeling safe in my dad’s arms. I think that is what made it memorable, I love my dad but that was the time when I felt closest to him. When I was in his arms that night I felt the safest.
exploring a new landscape that he had built. That is my favorite memory of childhood, being held safe in my father’s arms.

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