day 13

day 13: what do you value above all else in friendship?
I don’t have many friends, I just don’t trust easily, I have been burned too many times for the at. I still remain hopeful and I am a little too naive when it comes to meeting new people but at my core I have learned to reserve my innermost thoughts for the remote few that I choose to trust.
At first it was loyalyy that came to mind as a trait but really that is a trait that anyone would say.
I would honestly say that honesty is the greatest trait I could want in a friend…because if you are honest you are never disloyal.
being honest goes beyond just telling the trruth to others and yourself. being honest is about being who you are no matter what other masks are at you disposal. if you truly want to earn my friendship you need to be willing to be honest with me and yourself about everything that you want out of this relationship. dont make promises you cannot hope to keep, keep to your word, its your bond whether you say so or not. be honest in your feelings, don’t fake a smile if your unhappy, I want to know because I might want to comisserate with you or offer advice. be honest in your ability to listen. If your distrcted and cannot listen to em vent about my boyfriend for the fifth and fixtyith time, let me know. be honest about letting me be honeest, hold me accountable too the same standards, this issn’t a one way street. its a two edged blade, we are both cutting out eachothers infections. tell me when my feet ar leaking puss, gross but true.
by the way that comes from a true story, not my feet but another’s. I wasn’t able to be honest with her and it ruined our already crumbling relationship. monogamy isn’t even really important to me, if you have other friends that you would rather spend time with, be honest about it, don’t make up excuses. I hate finding out something fro a third party rather than the actual person. we may fight, we may have a bar room brawl but in the end I will thank you, maybe even bake you a cake to celebrate but only if you share, to be honest.

I would rrather have a tough truth rather than a sweet easy lie. its a hard concept to grasp for some, I know I’ve tried to explain to many people.
they thought I was confused and some were even condescending. they said things like,oh you just haven’t been in a relationship long enough or your too young.
did you know that a child’s greatest fear is emotional inconsistency?
in short lying about how you feel.
we really should take a lesson from that.

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