day 14

Fix what is broken: Day 14
to fix what is broken you must first find what is truly broken.
there are Many things in this world that are broken, some would say too many to just choose one. I think one of the biggest is how isolated we are as a people. We see it in this new generation growing up, always interacting with their electronic devices but ignoring the facinatig world around them. We are so distracted in this worrld, never seeing the people right in front of us. I don’t know how I would fix that but with a super huan power I would at least make the attempt. We don’t know our own neighbors anymore, we are so afraid of the unknown we keep our children cloistered in playareas that are boring them to tears.
We are so accommodating that we are giving away pieces of ourselves that cannot be replaced easily. we take for granted that our phone has a gps and we never get lost. how sad, the best times I have had are when my gps goes dead or mapquest gives me a wrong turn. I reach my destianation, eventually but I enjoy the journey better than most.
the bubbles we live in that seperate us from what we fear might happen keep us from experiencing life that is out there waiting to meet us.
there is so muh that we have lost thanks to progress for its own sake. we have our whole lives planned out so neatly that we are frustrated when something unknow comes along and knocks us down. some of us don’t even try to get back up again.
we sing of going beyond the lines but do we actually do it? I would bring back the adveture in life, the living involved. I won’t romanticise the years before technology, but do we have to be so dependant on it?
can you go a day without picking up your phone, going on the computer, or checking your email or tumbler?
can we live with the silence these devices leave behind? can we grasp the beauty of it? or is it somethig already lost?
we are surrounded by the noise of progress, can we live without the din?
There are alot of things there to fix. how do I put it into words what we have lost? I would help us find it again. I would help us as a race find itself and flourish. I hope and dream its not too late.


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