day 15

write about a memory : day 15
a few days back I wrote about another memory that I treasured with my father, this time I am going to reminisces reminisces reminisces reminisces a memory with my sister, notice that i did not say a happy memory.
I was about eight or nine covered at the time, my sister was about 11, and I was playing out in our front yard. In the yard was a tree, and at the time it was covered in pollen that shone in the morning light.
My sister thought the pollen looked Just as pretty coming down off that tree as it did sitting on the branches so she had found a way to knock some down, watching them shimmer in the sunbeams
first she took some pebbles and threw them up into the branches.
it was pretty but too small.
she got some bigger stones.
still to small.
what to throw to get a really big bunch of pollen to come down?
meanwhile, below the tree and oblivious to my sister’s dilemma, I am sitting on the stones watching a ladybug crawl across my arm. 
its truly fascinating my young mind but hen two ladybugs start to crawl up my arm.
I hear my sister yelling my name.
I think about answering but sigh, my sister is always yelling at me.
what could she want now? I look up to where she is.
suddenly, I feel something fall on my head.
you see, my sister hd been unhappy with the small stones but had found the largest rock in the garden, with a sharp edge stuck in the ground.
she had decided, with the brilliant shortsightedness of her age, that this rock we perfect for her pollen collecting plan and should be thrown into the branches f the large tree.
you see where this is going?
I certainly didn’t.
Until said rock hit me in the head!
Its strange to think of now but I felt no pain, or at least I don’t remember it.
All I recall is my sister yelling and getting blood all over my new dress.
I was unhappy about that.
Even as I received 10 stitches in my cranium I was still worried about the stains on my dress and the ladybugs on my arm.
I hope they flew away before the rock got them!
My mother and my sister were more concerned about the stitches for some reason.
my sister was crying and apologizing about the rock.
My momJ was upset, I don’t know if she was more upset about my head or the dress or the fact that my ister had been the one to do it to me!
mom made her watch as the doctor put the stitches in.
she cried all the way through.
I think she bawled more than I did.
I got a lolly pop but I think she needed it more than I did.


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