Day 17: what habit has changed your life?

Thats a big thing to put on a habit….I would say the writing habit but you already stated that I couldn’t…darn.
That would have been easy.
well then, if I have to choose a habit that has changed me i a deep way…like it would be the making the bed and tidying the room.
I don’t always get to the second part but I always make my bed. I never did before.
Its nice to have a clean just made bed to get into before I go to sleep…its also a deterrent for me to get beck into bed after I wake up. I love to sleep but it was getting ridiculous.
I as sleeping more than I was awake.
I still have a hard time getting up in the morning but with my bed made up its easier if only marginally.
I also might want to explain that I have a futon so, making the bed means folding up and turning it into a chair.
I put my blankets in a basket and my bed is made. its probably not what most people think of when they say they make the be but hey, whatever. Its the way I do it and it works.
it also gives me a place to work where I am not in my very cold living room. It gets to be lower than 50 degrees in there, which can be a bitch to work in!
it may not seem like a big thing, getting up in the morning and making the bed, but if you knew me, you’d get it. I have never been a morning person, I’m pleasant enough but I really don’t like getting up earlier than 10 am.
I never have, its just in my nature. my mum had to switch my kindergarten classes it made me so unhappy. I was a pleasant child but I think she understood that I just didn’t function at my best early in the morning. I loved nap time, it was so annoying when no one would let me sleep!
Anyway, I stay up late and thats my best time for thinking. I also am a hsp,or a highly sensitive person, and that means that I don’t like dealing with people in the morning. they tend to be grouchy or highly cheerful and both of those types put out a lot of energy that is distracting when I am not quite awake.
go be cheerful somewhere else, and take your grouchy friend with you!
My mom was a morning person, always chatting with us in the car, they ended up being mostly one sided conversations turned monologues. with grumpy asides made by my sister, who definitely wasn’t a morning person, or even pleasantly sleepy in the mornings.
My mornings are others afternoons and thats fine. Just don’t expect me to remember what you said to me 7 30 this morning, it’s gone, it’s gone, yeah it’s gone…..:)


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