Walls the color of tears…

what colors can tears be? I know they can be the colors of blood when the body is stressed, its a biblical fact, before christ is killed he cried tears of blood.
blood red walls would be a little creepy anyway. tears stained by lack of care. They take from you till there is nothing left.
you fall to the ground in a pool of blood but no injuries. Thats a little creepy. a little sad. you could actually cry your heart out…that puts a new spin on that doesn’t it?
Walls the color of my tears would make me sad in a melancholic kind of way. I wouldn’t cry, the walls would do that for me. I would ache as I watched them fall around me.
When I think of tears I feel something in my heart my gut where my feeling place rests in the ice, ready to be warmed by emotion. I fear it is often is frozen for months or even years at a time before it cracks open at the seams. I like to feel this prickly pain, this feeling that hides behind my icy smile, behind my many masks I wear everyday till they fall and shatter.
I’m thinking blue for the tears but it could be a light foam green like the sea.
Do mermaids become sea foam after they die because they have no souls or does that mean that the sea is soulless as a well and it swallows them because it was empty and full of tears?
Its a sad thought and one I do not like to carry with me so I will write it down hear for anyone to see or no one at all.
I think of a hospital next, the walls coated in cold money laundering comfort for the heart sick and weary bodied.
My mother’s soul was stolen there, much of her life spent in their soul stealing hands. I bet they were filthy, their hands full of money but no mermaids to go diving for souls.
Her buttons were in her ashes, the hospital gown buttons survived th fire that turns my mum to ash.
I find that disturbing but the rest find it funny and laugh. I don’t cry when I think of her buttons among my mother’s remains. She hated that hospital gown, she said it always left her cold.
She never wanted to be cold.
Walls the color of tears.

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