A lie someone told you

 I could get very philosophical with this topic, I’ve been lied to so many times that it can get really hard to just talk about just one. I could talk about how my parents instilled in me the thought that I was worthless or just plain uncreative. I might infer that most of my childhood I had people telling me that I was a joy to be around but then they wouldn’t invite me to their birthday parties or play with me during recess. I could tell you about the time when I spent a whole week preparing handmade valentines for all 25 kids in my class but received none in return. Just saying, It was heartbreaking to sit there through all of the class, waiting and hoping but going home empty handed. I could tell many stories of lies I told myself, heartbreaking renditions of the cruelty of my own mind. The seeds of doubt that sprung up and still plague me to this day. The way lies have shaped my life is a tragic but receptive exercise. Many people have had worse things done to them, I got off easy in some ways. That doesn’t change the fact that I was lied to by most of my family and close friends. I was used for their benefit but when I turned around and asked for a favor, they would disappear. I have a cynical view of most of my relationships, I doubt even the best of intentions. I view the world through a warped pair of glasses. They are broken and chipped but they are the ones I built for myself. In a weird kind of way lies are what built me up while tearing my down. I’ve lied to people, everyone has experimented with it. Its funny how being caught in one lie, leads to everything you say being seen through a crooked lens. Being called a liar hurts, every time. Its one of the things that really gets my goat, when my words are taken and warped beyond recognition. I hate it when someone puts words in my mouth, tells me what I believe without listening to what I say or watching what I do. They expect that courtesy from you but don’t return it. I’ve had my heart broken but smiled. Its heart wrenching to look back at all the lies I’ve told myself, to explain the lies that others have told me. I want to see the best in people but its difficult when the people closest to you are the ones who lie with everything they are. Has anyone seen the Dark Crystal? Well there’s a scene where the main character is given a bunch of crystal pieces and told he has to find the right one. the right shard to fix what was broken before he was even born. He wasn’t given any instruction but he found a way to distinguish the truth from the lie. He listened close and found the truth. I know its clumsy but the point is that we have so many loud voices that you have to listen really hard to hear the quiet still voice that tells the truth


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