Random bits

In the closet was where she usually put it. It wasn’t exactly hiding but just taking a quick look wouldn’t put it in plain sight either. Someone would have to be looking specifically and deeply to find it. For the usual suspects putting it just out of plain view was safest. Her closest held all the usual things, cloths, books and jewelry but in the back corner was a special place she had discovered quite by accident. When they had first moved her here, the place had been wholly alien to her a place that had secrets to hide. It wasn’t a comfortable place, just a holding site for things best kept under wraps.  When she had first arrived, the only things she had were the close on her back and a small wooden box. The box held her treasures. All that had come with her from the very beginning. It was a small box but it was perfect. It could be held in her small hands and carried easily. There was a magnetic lock that held the lid closed, not obvious but it still held everything together for her. You could find a box like it anywhere but this one had character and had been with her everywhere. It held little pieces of her life, little memories and parts of things she could only imagine now.  Her mother had started it for her, collecting little things that reminded her of her little girl as she traveled. A little blue bead for her eyes. A crab for how she was in the morning. A little bean for what they called her before she was born. A tiny stuffed bear for cold nights away Just little things, not many but she remembers when her mother picked each one. She cherishes them, carries them with her wherever she gets put away. Sometimes she adds to them, when she finds things that she wants to remember. Beads from a bracelet, given to her but broken. a folded picture she put there for safe keeping. A birthday candle with minnie on it. Confetti from the last birthday party.  Its there in the closet, under a floorboard and she found the loose board after aa nightmare on her first night here. No one came when she cried so she she sat and rocked her self, the creak creak soothing her to sleep.  The next morning she pulled a little and the board came up in her hands, and the space beneath was perfect for her little box of treasures.  she knows she won’t be here long, though the grown ups try and tell her different. Its like this every time, they are all smiles when she first gets here but she know that will change.  The first time it happened scared her, she had actually believed them then. Now she knows better.  Eventually, they’ll get tired of her and take her back to try again with a new little girl. Thats okay, its happened before. Its not their fault. In the end, she’ll gather her things in her little box and remember the smiles and keep hoping, just a little bit, that the next time the smiles will stay.

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