Write about someone you’re grateful for…

This was an interesting prompt. So here goes:

There are  few people who I am feel most grateful for but to pick just one, I would be picking my niece, Tiera. Kyra, my other niece pulls a second place and my sister is in third.
Tiera has always been an inspiration for me, she is always on the go and always smiling, even when she isn’t.
She is such a beautiful girl and sometimes I am so jealous  of her looks, she is so tall thin and beautiful its hard to look at her sometimes. 🙂
she has a light in her that shines so brightly, and she is so intelligent that I love talking with her. She has a deep love for everyone and wants to see the best in people but she is wilingl to acknowledge when that isn’t possible.
She has been through some rough times and has come out of them with such a spark of life it is amazing. I hate the fact that she doesn’t get what she deserves from other people and she accept that as the norm.
She deserves all the best from people yet they take advantage of her work ethic and then throw her away. It makes me so angry to see her cry at the end of the day when she has done so much good but all she gets is fired or critique from small minded people.
Yet, she perseveres and carries on with her lovely smile and shining eyes.
I love you Tiera!
I hope the job at whole foods works out and you find true happiness in this sad little world!
Laurennita 🙂


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