Write about your favorite ….

I like books, so it seems cliche to say I want to talk about my favorite book but It really is the only thing I can talk about at length.
I haven’t read a new book in a while, i should really remedy that soon.
Its not that I don’t have quite a few to choose from but it takes a lot to just pick up the first page right now. I know its the depression talking but it doesn’t change the facts.
My favorite book would be The Onion girl by Charles de lint.
It speaks to me on a level that I cannot explain.
I picked it up for the first time when I was at a really dark place and I need the consolation of a friend without the trust.
I found it first on a whim, I liked the cover and I had not even heard of the author.
I picked it up in my local, at the time, library and read through it. It made me laugh and cry and I was loath to put it back when the two weeks were done.
I wanted to check it out again later but couldn’t find it. So, it faded from my life but it never really left my thoughts, not really.
When I had a bad day I would look again for it but the trouble was that I had forgotten everything about it except for some plot points. Even the librarian cowldn’t help me, annnd since it had been in the new book section I didn’t even know the genre.
Then I decided to go to a festival with some new friends, it ws all the way in washington so we had to pass through the powers bookstore in oregon, and a new friend was excited to show me her favorite author. It was charles de lint and when we got to the section, it was an immediate recognition.
I picked it up and held it like a long lost friend, I bought it before we left and had finished it before the trip was over, and started over again.
It spoke to me still, just in aa different place and i still have that same copy on my bookshelf.
I still pick it up from time to time and find things about it that I like to read over and over, and some that make me cry and have to put it down.
It tells the story of two girls who lived in an abusive home and how they grew up so differently.
Its a great examination of their relationship and how people deal with traumata in the best way they know how whether its right or not.
It also teaches someone a lesson about avoiding dealing with your issues while trying to solve another’s…and how badly it can go.
Its a story full of layers, like the onion of the title…..thats why I like it.
Its a great story by a wonderful author, the mix of modern world and old world magic is electrifying.
His coyote is fascinating.
I love reading it, to discover something new about the book and maybe peel back another layer of myself.


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