Write about Fruit Flesh

This just sounds dirty to me. At least in my mind.
It’s almost reminding me of talking about flesh as in human flesh.
Which, at least in my mind, makes some sense.
A fruits flesh is kind of like our own flesh, it surrounds us and protects our heart or soul, the thing that makes us truly who we are.
when that flesh is gone all that is left is the seed, the ability to continue in a new form, like reincarnation.
That was was pretty deep for a dirty conversation starter.
If anyone has read Michael pollens work, he describes plants as living things that have a way about them, to protect themselves they grew thorns or poisons, like we grew cynical dispositions thanks to a crappy childhood.
So its flesh is like the last defense against extinction, the part of the fruit that can be eaten and the seed can be planted whether by intention or accident.
What i am thinking about is that birds eat the seeds and poop them out all over, instant fertilizer. Its kind of funny.
in a really gross sort of way.
I think the prompt was more of a way to describe a fruits flesh but that would sound even dirtier really.
When I am listening to cat purring over headphones gross topics just don’t….dont.
A fruits flesh is moist, firm but your teeth break through the skin with little trouble.
The juice dribbles down your throat and lands on your che……wait a sec am I writing porn or a description? Maybe a little of both?
It’s a thin line, it’s not like I am a prude no, I like sex.
I just don’t talk about it with a random stranger, and that is what this journal is to me really, it’s not a deep intimate friend yet. Its gonna take a while for me to be comfortable talking about those type of things here.
It’s just how it is.
O describing a fruits flesh is out.
Unless it’s an apple, apples have nothing to do with sex, right?
That would be true, except if your names Eve…or adam…..yeah apples aren’t safe either…..grapes…no……celery? Not even a fruit.
Its also very phallic, and if you don’t know what that implies……try google…or don’t, its your call.
So what fruit could I be talking about that doesn’t have any sexual connotations?
I can’t really think of any.
Oranges might be the most innocent….or maybe not.
You have to peel back the layers of skin, peeling them back to get the sections of fruit, sucking on them to release their juices.
I think that just proves that you can sexualize anything.
If you are in the right frame of mind.
Its late at night and I really should be going to bed…..that just sounds so wrong.


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