Boy I hope she appreciates this…

Here I am at a baseball game and I hate baseball. I’m givina ride to a friends do acting as an emotional support because she is waiting to see if her crush is here. It’s kind of like stalking but she needs a distraction from the shit her life has been lately. I don’t really agree with her choices but it’s her life and this is what she wants to do.

Free will is a funny thing, some would say that we are predestined since the time we are born and it is an illusion created by the need to be in control. Others believe that while there is an over reaching plan, humans are capable of changing their circumstances through the choices they make . 

Personally I believe in the later mostly but it still a nagging thought in the back of my mind. Is their really a plan for everything and how much can we really influence it in the long run? 

It is kind of depressing to really think of. Each of our choices, no matter how small, shapes us and molds the life we live in. 

Ancient religions paint a picture of the way fate is woven together by the fates, each strand always important and creating a beautiful tapestry if you only step back to look. 

Is we become so embroiled in our own tragedies we can not see this beauty, the blues and Greys of sadness can become overwhelming if seen without perspective. 

I’m not saying that all tragedy is part of a big plan and we should suffer in silence.

I’m saying that that our own lives should not blind us to the suffering of others. As we go through life, we are not alone in our joy or in our grief. The people around us are there, weaving their own thread of many colors.

We do not thrive in solitude, we need our neighbors and friends just as the need us.

So, in that vein, take a look around you. Go outside and take part in life. Put down your phone, look around you and truly take a good look at the people around you. Offer a smile to the homeless man you pass on your way to work. 

Make eye contact with your waitress, be sincere in your interactions with the humans around you. It’s amazing what a simple act of kindness means to someone having a bad day.


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