A light against the black…

Another day today begins with me preferring to sleep in rather than be productive but I will say I am writing so its a step up from the last few weeks where I did nothing.I am still reeling from the death of a woman who I had thought would live forever. Her indomitable will seemed to burn forever with nothing in this world that could douse it. Its a little darker without her in the world but the darkness makes the lights left even more bright.
Every life is like a candle shining in the darkness either a bright flame or dim they still are a light that others use to see into the blackness.
Humans like to gather to sources of light, they attract us and a campfire in the wilderness is a comfort of home that kindles the warmth in our souls.
its mundane concept but a true one.
My light was dimmed, at least to my own eyes but I continue to burn in the darkness hopeful and bright against the dark left behind.
Its like when a a star dies and the others surrounding are brought into better view or when the city lights are extinguished the light of the stars is mesmerizing in their intensity.

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