Disturbing themes…

I had a couple strange dreams this morning. I dreamt that there was a shooting at my work and that I had to watch as my coworkers were shot in the back of the head. The dream ended when I shot the perpetrator, sobbing the whole while and I woke up crying.
That was disturbing.
I don’t know why I dreamt this really but there it is.
Whats been on my mind recently?
The fact that I need to let go of certain things that no longer serve me. This dream is a really sharp representation of that I think. There are somethings that are killing parts of me and the only way for that to stop is for me to step up.
Killing actual people is optional.
There were certain people that were seen in the dream that I think I need to see what they represent.
I usually don’t remember my dreams so this one is strange in more than one way.
It was so vivid and I was distressed when I woke up.
Woke up to a spider in my doorway.
I hate spiders, what a way to start a morning!

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