The Lending LIbrary


The day started out a little better than yesterday. I have my first class today so that’s a good thing. The runes point towards a time of testing that will be for my benefit and a time where I will be withdrawing to grow internally. It’s kind of the same thing all over again and again. I wish I could just get the answers there pointing to and just be done with it but life doesn’t have a fast forward button or a cliff notes. We have to watch the whole movie and read the book just to get the gist of what lives all about but to go deeper is to write essays and discuss with others what their books are telling them. There are a lot of quotes about writing your own story and how each day is a new page but it’s never discussed that friendships or relationships are like the book clubs where true life happens and is discussed and dissected and learned. Writing your own story is all good but if you don’t get it out occasionally and read it to others, what good is it just sitting on then shelf?
The books in the library had to start somewhere and even they need to be read to spread their message.


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