TGI…wait…. I work today….:(

Writing, to music for five minutes. Sometimes I come up with deep and moving words and others I come up with just words that you can read in a somewhat coherent manner.
That’s the way I guess, and just recognizing it and not judging is one of those things that you have to learn to be a great writer.
Some days when you force yourself to be there the muse decides to flake but as long as you keep coming the more likely it is that you and your muse will meet. Its terribly frustrating but I guess its the truth.
I still haven’t meet my muse too many times but I have had times where the writing flew out of my hands and was brilliant. or just flew out of my hands to become something I never expected.
That’s the joy of writing and the frustration of being a writer.
Your writing is like your child, you watch it grow and you give it the best but only they can decide what they become.
I have no idea if that holds water, I’ve never had children and I don’t hang around them much.
You’ll have to let me know.
I am beginning to like writing just a little even if I don’t want to do it most of the time still. Its a skill I am growing and I will continue.


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