Vacating the premises…lol

Its almost time for me to go to bed and I have been told to vacate the premises because my roommate has someone coming over, its a little awkward but here I am sitting on my sisters couch at 11 pm writing for my Monday blog that I should have been writing in this morning.
good times
Its been a good day mostly other than the fact that I have a tire that needs to be replaced in the near future and I am running really low on gas.
I underestimated how much gas I use for this month so I am getting by on the change I can find in the couch, which is a surprising amount but still not a lot and a little stressful.
The cashier at the gas station is rolling his eyes whenever I come in with my change but that’s neither here nor there, if I can deal with 45 dollars in quarters he can handle a few dollars in change,


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