Just a little further over the edge….really just push me right on over.

I had a pretty shitty day yesterday and yes I know I am posting this a day late but I was not in the mood to write anything mildly hopeful while I was in tears having an emotional breakdown.
Its been tough financially lately but today was just the end all of days where nothing could go right.
I’m just taking it day by day and seeing what happens right now.
That’s all I can do, and I am
not going to be venting here about what is going on because If I have to explain it again I will just burst into tears and have another breakdown.
I don’t want that right now.
So, my camping trip is coming up in a few days, less than a week. That should be a fun time for all the people going.
I mean that sincerely by the way.
It just doesn’t look like I will be going this year even though I have the days off and I had plans in place.
Unless someone is willing to drive there and pay for my food and ticket, I will not be able to go.
That is part of the breakdown.
I will not go into detail unless someone asks and I will be in tears if you do.
be ready for the water works seriously.
I am seriously upset about not being able to go but that is just the way the cookie crumbles right now.
Now, if I can somehow put together at least 80 bucks in the next few days I might be able to go, but that doesn’t look likely.
I am tempted to ask for money but really that doesn’t see likely.
Everyone is struggling right now and what does one trip camping compare to that?
I really am trying to not get upset about this again.
I don’t think I am succeeding very well.
Part of the reason I don’t have the money is my own fault so, I really cannot complain too much but it still hurts.


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