Just looking for some feedback…

Hello again.
I know I have been out of contact for a bit, I was at a retreat that didn’t have internet and I kind of went off the map for a week leading up to it. I’m back though and I wanted to put this out there.
I had a weird experience, well weird in the sense that I have not had it for a while.
I was talking with a friend and doing a reading for her when suddenly or not so suddenly but it was disturbing all the same, I started getting super sensitive to the “energy’ around me like I have not in years.
I felt like I had gone into trance without meaning to and was channelling a message for her without proper boundaries or protection and the feeling I was getting was not pleasant.
To give you some background, I have ADD as well as minor smatterings of Aspergers which in essence means that I have hyper focus problems to the nth degree.
It helps when I am doing readings but in other cases it can be annoying at best and at worst, like tonight, kind of scary.
I burned some dragons blood incense, a heavy-duty protection herb, and the feeling subsided enough so I wasn’t so jittery and nervous.
Like I said earlier, its been awhile since I have felt that way after a reading.
I had tingles and the hair on my legs was on end, that’s where I feel it when something is wrong or just especially powerful. When a song hits me hard, I usually get a tingle in my heart region but when something is scaring me or making me nervous I feel it in the legs. Almost like it’s telling me to leave.
It was not pleasant. I had that same feeling about two years ago shortly before my mother passed.
I also had this feeling when I was being bothered at a bus stop by a man with a golden necklace.
It was telling me to leave the vicinity, or at least close the door to my home. THe outside was especially dark and I was getting ‘pings’ all over.
Has anyone had this happen to them? What did you do?
I have since grounded and the incense helped ease my nerves but it would be nice to hear from other people with the same or similar experiences.


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