pursuit of happy ending…

To be happy is a choice we make.
That sounds like a simple thing doesn’t it?
simple yes but easy? I would have to say not.
nothing truly worth having is easy to achieve.
that seems cliché but there are reasons why cliché came to be and it’s not because they were never true or astounding. all thoughts was once new and this truth extends even to the cliché.
that does not say that all clichés are worth looking over for their truths that are hidden in plain sight.
it also doesn’t say that the most mundane truths are not worth examining either.
all knowledge is worth knowing but not all costs are worth paying. all things are at a cost, this is just basic economics. there is either a hidden cost or one that is well-known.
or the cost may have been known but is now well hidden and needs to be rediscovered.
happiness is no exception.
it is what we all seem to want but not many of us are willing or even able to pay the price that our happiness would cost us or the people around us

so the concept that happiness in a choice becomes a deeper thought than at first glance.
it becomes a dance of give and take that can be all-consuming.
is it not the definition of a sociopath the one person who would be willing to have his own happiness at the cost of anything, including the happiness of others?
does the pursuit of happiness then become a moral question?
would our morals allow us to be happy or even provide a way for us to chase the elusive rabbit down the hole?


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