Microsoft is Priceless….

I was having technical issues yesterday and only barely got my youtube video up and running before the day ended. So, this is a bit late but it truly was all windows 10’s fault.
I know how everyone loves the new windows but I upgraded and rolled back within 12 hours because of all the shenanigans that were going on.
My camera stopped working and it took me ages to find out why but the fix only half worked because I still couldn’t use my front camera on youtube with Windows 10.
Then none of my apps were working so I tried to redownload them, thinking there must have been an update that I missed.
The problems with the app store were FANTASTIC and took me more hours to fix.
I was really done with Windows 10, I rolled back after not being able to find my files for the fiftyith time and really just wanting to throw my computer against a wall.
I rolled back to Windows 8 and I am tottlaly cool with staying here until Microsoft gets off thier ass and fixes things.
Another thing that scared me from the new update was that on the desktop version, one I did not have thank god, had ads on the bottom of the screen that you had to pay monthly to get removed.
That was scummy in and of itself but when you read the privacy clauses for windows 10 it was a little scary.
Did you know they had given themselves permission to use your personal information in any way they pleased, even giving it to others to do with as they pleased?
Thats not something I am stupid enough to agree to.
Get your act together.
If you are getting something for “free” read the fine print. There is always a price and the only difference is if you can see it or not.


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